This Is Beer Blog Vol. 9: Beers of Summer

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Crossing continents to taste our latest beers from breweries in the US and the EU. Plus the best DIPA we’ve had in a long time…

As the clocks roll forward, so is our stock of the best craft beer both sides of the Atlantic. It’s a good time to be a fan of freshness, as our latest look at some of our new beers proves.

Sitting alongside your favourites this week include a few familiar faces, plus one of the best DIPAs we’ve tasted in a long time. It’s an international affair with two US and two European breweries, and it’s a 2×2 split on the styles too, with sours and pale ales from stateside and the continent. Let’s get going…

KCBC – Superhero Sidekicks (IPA) – 6.9%

KCBC are back, and after zapping us with sourness in a previous post, this time we’re taking a look at their IPA offering. Well, in a minute: just marvel at that can art for a sec. Sweet, right? As for the beer, it’s packed with hops and thickened up with wheat: a lovely hazy beer that’s nice and zesty (think oranges and pineapple). Despite its heady ABV, it’s an easy drinker, but lacks nothing in flavour. A super American pale.

Buy KCBC beer here.

Barrier Brewing Co. – Our Sour: Bois and Berries (Sour) – 5.7%

Staying in NY, we go to Barrier‘s latest edition of their Our Sour range and one that packs in the dark fruits. Squishing blueberries, boysenberries and blackberries with a bit of lactose to bring things together, this is a vibrant sour-but-not-too-sour beer that is perfect if you fancy something sharp that won’t make your jaw clench. With a punchy flavour to match its colour, it’s bright, it’s bold, it’s damn good.

Buy Barrier Brewing Co. beer here.

Arpus Brewing Co. – Peach x Blackberry (Sour IPA) – 7.5%

Sticking with sours but moving closer to home, this peach and blackberry sour from Arpus is just as juicy but brings even more of a sweet-n’-sourness. If Barrier’s is sour you grab without thinking, Arpus is one that makes you sit up and take notice. It’s super sweet, seriously sharp and definitely draws your cheeks in. It’s fizzy, juicy… if you like your sours super sour, this is one for you.

Buy Arpus Brewing Co. beer here.

Maltgarden – Code To Neverland (DIPA) – 8.2%

They’ve definitely unlocked it. Maltgarden have made one of the best DIPAs we’ve featured in This Is Blog. Every sip of this hazy wonder will make you nod like an insurance-peddling dog. Awash with a zest and juice, the bitterness on the backend ties it together so nicely. It doubles up on everything: dry-hopping, flavour, body… yup, just grab a can. You won’t regret it.

Buy Maltgarden beer here.

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