This Is Beer Blog Vol. 7: All Sorts

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New York. Oslo. Swansea. By way of two zingy sours, a brute of a DIPA and mama’s finest.

Picking up where we left off last time… we’ve had more great craft beer this week from breweries both side of the Atlantic, including a DIPA from just down the road.

As with the last instalment of This Is Blog, we’ve got variety, we’ve got flavour, and we’ve got hops. From a tag-team coming straight out of Oslo, we head state-side for a sour with intergalactic can art and rock our way almost-home with birthday wishes to Swansea’s loudest. Shall we proceed?

Amundsen Brewery – In Cafruits (Sour) – 6.5%

The first of two beers in this post from Oslo’s Amundsen, who pride themselves on making high-quality beers you won’t find other brewers brewing. Their In Cafruits range packs in your 5-a-day with a side of deliciousness: this one is a mango, peach, chocolate smash that is zesty with a hint of darkness. Like triple berry and maple smoothie we featured on our Instagram the other day, it hides its 6.5% ABV. And like we said then: “wow.” A fun, taste-packed sour.

Buy Amundsen Brewery’s In Cafruits here.

Amundsen Brewery – Dessert In A Can: Mama’s Blueberry Pie (Stout) – 10.5%

We’ve been treated to some decadent dessert-themed stouts recently, and Mama’s Blueberry Pie proves  Amundsen (and Mama) know best. Part of their Dessert In A Can series (check them out here), this just oozes as you sip it, with the sharpness of the berries shining a bit of light through the richness of the stout. Real good stuff.

Buy Amundsen Brewery’s Dessert In A Can range here.

KCBC – Lazer Grazer (Sour) – 5.5%

Brooklyn-based KCBC have done themselves proud with this red-berry zingy number. It pours into something just as vibrant as the can art, but even with sharpness zapping your cheeks, this is a surprisingly smooth sipper with acidity the right side of “how much is too much?” We’ve featured a fair few sours recently, and Lazer Grazer deserves its place among them. Zzzzzzap.

Buy KCBC’S Lazer Grazer here.

Beer Riff Brewing – Hench (DIPA) – 8%

A must-have DIPA from just down the M4. With Beer Riff celebrating their third birthday just this week, it’s perfect time to rave about one of their core beers. As the name suggests, this is on the stronger side, but as much from the flavour as the ABV. With oats giving this a softness that lets it juiciness squeeze itself into every drop, Hench is a punchy pale that needs trying. Strong recommend.

Buy Beer Riff Breweing’s Hench here.

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