This Is Beer Blog Vol. 8: A Different Shade of Pale

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Three distinct pales this time around alongside another sweet stout that’s sticky in all the right ways.

Let’s start with some good news, everyone: our online store is fully restocked and we’ve got some more new craft beer on the way ahead of the upcoming bank holidays.

So, what’s been added to the store? Alongside some deliciousness from Deya, we’ve got new beers in from the breweries we’re about to talk about here. Three very distinct pales, two with their own fruity twist and one loaded with NZ hops, alongside another(!) after-dinner imperial stout that just oozes flavour. We’d better get started…

Top Rope Brewing – Cold Stone Cream Austin (Chocolate Orange Pale Ale) – 4.6%

We’re no strangers to Liverpool wrestling fans, Top Rope Brewing. We featured the key lime pie version of Cold Stone Cream Austin before, and this latest edition for 2021 (featuring a tangy hit followed up with hint of dark chocolate) deserves its place in the ring alongside its predecessor. It’s an easy-drinking hazy number, with a punch of cocoa on the nose, and while the orange doesn’t cut through as much as the lime of the previous champ, Top Rope have still delivered a stunner of pale.

Buy Top Rope Brewing’s Cold Stone Cream Austin here.

Cwrw Iâl – Kia Kaha! (NZ Pale) – 4.3%

From Liverpool back over the border to Flintshire, Cwrw Iâl have been doing good as a social enterprise and doing good beer too, graduating from home-brewing to delivering new takes on traditional beer. Kia Kaha! crosses the line between real ale and craft beer, with the malt/wheat base giving it a creamy body you’d expect from the former, and a generous dry-hopping with New Zealand hops lifting it into the realm of craft beer. A perfect can for traditionalists looking to try something new.

Buy Cwrw Iâl’s Kia Kaha! here.

Brew York – The Things Yuzu To Me (Yuzu IPA) – 5.6%

Disclaimer: yuzu is amazing. We’ve featured a few beers that use the Japanese citrus fruit previously, and Brew York‘s new yuzu-infused IPA (brewed with Asian-inspired street food sellers YUZU to celebrate Brew York’s new Leeds bar) sits high up on the list. The IPA is clean, and the unmistakable tanginess of the yuzu cuts through brilliantly. If you love yuzu, you’ll love this.

Buy Brew York beer here.

Brouwerij Kees – Pump Up The Jam (Imperial Stout) – 10%

Three dessert-inspired imperial stouts in a row in This Is Blog, and this one might be the ooziest. This pastry stout collab between Brouwerij Kees and Van Moll Brewing is jam-packed with… uh… jam (the name might give it away…), and our second beer in this round-up to have a chocolate/orange flavour, although this is more jaffa cake than Terry’s. Sticky, sugary goodness: a gorgeous stout.

Buy Brouwerij Kees’s Pump Up The Jam here.

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