This Is Beer Blog Vol. 6: From Day To Night

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Reviewing our newest beers by moving from a west coast IPA and lager through to an imperial stout, by way of a sour.

This Is Blog is back and this time around, we’re looking at some of the newer beers we’ve had in recently, from some of your (and our) favourite breweries in the UK and Sweden.

With the days drawing longer and the sun (sorta) shining again, we’re looking at summer-ready pales, a fruit-packed-punch of a sour… but hey, it’s still brisk, so we’re also taking a look at a real winter warmer in the form of a delicious imperial milk stout. Variety is the spice of life and all that…

Verdant – Pigs All Day (West Coast IPA) – 6.0%

Cornwall’s Verdant are no strangers to our shelves, and Pigs All Day, a vibrant West Coast IPA packed full of sunshine-soaked hops, shouldn’t be a stranger to you. If you think west is best, this balanced, quench-fest has everything you want: fruity with a hint of bitterness as it works its way down, each sip doing just what you want it to. A real highlight.

Buy Verdant Brewing Co.’s Pigs All Day here.

S43 – Red Next To Yella, Cuddly Fella! (Indian Pale Lager) – 6.8%

Lagered for five weeks and then generously dry-hopped with Loral, Huell Melon and German Hallertau, S43 Brewery‘s nod to Peep Show is a crisp, fruity pale that brings in has the lightness of a lager, and it’s a lightness you might not expect from a close-to-7% ABV beer – firmly in Big Beer Manifesto terrority. A new one on us, but one definitely worth picking up.

Buy S43 Brewery’s Red Next To Yella, Cuddly Fella! here.

Yonder – Who Is Nellie? (Sour) – 7.0%

Inspired by a dessert that was inspired by Australian soprano Nellie Melba, this triple-fruit bonanza from Somerset’s Yonder is as juicy as sours get, but with vanilla bringing it back from the brink of too-sweet, it never becomes too much. The apricot comes through strongest, but the overall blend and body makes this a great ‘afters’. Wonderfully decadent.

Buy Yonder’s Who Is Nellie? here.

Nerdbrewing – When Flutternutter (Imperial Milk Stout) – 11%

From wonderfully decadent to… well, the epitome of decadence. Brewed by software developers turned award winning brewers, Nerdbrewing‘s imposing stout is just divine. Back for 2020, this imperial milk stout was brewed with marshmallows and aged on roasted peanuts vanilla. Right? Right. Honestly, just a great dark beer to close out winter with, with a warmth and sweetness that works so well alongside its smokiness.

Buy Nerdbrewing’s When Flutternutter here.

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