This Is Beer Blog Vol. 5: It’s All Greek

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A trio of tasty wonders from Greece that reach Guy Fieri-levels of flavour town.

How’s everyone doing? As we enter Lockdown 2.0, we hope you’re all staying safe and looking after each other.

If you want flavour to sweeten things right now, we’ve got just the thing. As things get more local, we’re bringing in beers and wines from all over the world to help your taste buds travel. And this time, we’re talking Greece.

Honestly, our reaction to these beers was one of “oh boy.” The description on these three cans alone whetted appetites and tickled fancies.

Who are the masterminds behind this trio? Seven Island Brewery are new to our shelves, but they’ve been making a name for themselves by brewing up eclectic craft beers since 2013. Hefty stouts, mad flavours and a love of the craft, you only need to check out where they’ve been taking over taps to know that these are some fantastic beers.

So, what have we got? Starting with a DIPA that bursts with fruitiness, a sour that pumps with passionfruit and an imperial stout that deserves your Sunday best, let’s get going…

Foggy Island (NEDIPA) – 8.0%

In a word: potent. The amount of fruit that springs out of the first sip is incredible – it’s sweet to the point of squash, but doesn’t lose the bitterness that you want from an IPA. The first swig you take will feel like 8%, but once you find your feet you’ll find it’s a delectable hazy number that sinks into a surprisingly easy-drinking beer. No messing here: the fruit/hops combo is one that sticks around for a delicious DIPA that is well worth a try.

Buy Seven Island Brewery’s Foggy Island here or in store.

Tiki Luau (Sour) – 6.5%

Passionfruit, mango, guava and vanilla? If you want to blow away October’s cobwebs, this is the beer for you. This punches with passionfruit from the off, with vanilla sneaking in at end. For those of you not too sure about sours that go above a third, this 440ml can is very crushable. Super hazy and juicy, it’s a perfect summer (remember that?) sipper. Maybe chuck the heating on to remember what warm weather feels like. Yum.

Buy Seven Island Brewery’s Tiki Luau here or in store.

Sunday Stack (Imperial Stout) – 12.0%

Just read the can: imperial stout with Canadian maple syrup, blueberry, blackberry, toasted macadamia, and Tahitian vanilla. Yes. Seriously, you don’t need to know any more. But if you do, then you need to know that this is one of the best imperial stouts we’ve had. It is absolutely gorgeous. A roasted sniff gives way to a sweet, welcoming sip. The sharp blues from the blueberry and blackberry hit first, but the macadamia and vanilla drag it back to a warm, smooth roast. The best of Sundays served up in a can. What more do you want?

Buy Seven Island Brewery’s Sunday Stack here or in store.

Drink these while listening to…

It’s spooky season – fire up Echo and the Bunnymen.

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