This Is Beer Blog Vol. 4: Double Trouble

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Sweden’s first microbrewery delivers the hops with a session IPA and mango pale.

With summer sunshine dimming into autumnal reds, it’s high time for a couple of pales to remind us of warmer times. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing from Pang Pang Brewery.

Sweden’s first microbrewery opened up shop in 2010 with designs to brew beers no-one else would in ways no-one else would conceive. An imperial stout beer where cigars are smoked through the wort? Yup, that’s these guys.

Gimmicky? Nah. ‘Pang Pang’ is tattooed across founder Fredrik Tunedal’s fists. You don’t do that on whim. And sure enough, 10 years later, Pang Pang are still brewing beers with quench and quirk. Speaking of which…

IPA I.P.A. (IPA) – 4.4%

Session beers: is there anything better when the sun’s up? Not much, that’s for sure. And sure enough, Pang Pang’s session IPA is a hazy summer evening of a drink. There’s a bitterness that makes it a session that doesn’t sit quietly, and not just because of a lively pour. We’re in Mosaic country here, with a double dry-hop giving this pale more staying power on the tongue, but hey, that ain’t a bad thing. Oh, and the can art is a sphinx cat. Spot the tail.

Buy Pang Pang Brewery’s IPA I.P.A. here.

Mango Problem (IPA) – 6.0%

Here we go: a thirst-quenching, tangy treat. Honestly, it comes across more of a session than the actual session IPA, and with a 6.0% ABV, it definitely gets headstrong towards the end. But what a summer sipper. A tropical burst brought by the mango rolls into a Mosaic bitterness, with the smoothness making it such an easy drinker. If you’re dreading the nights drawing in, this will shine a light.

Buy Pang Pang Brewery’s Mango Problem here.

Drink these while listening to…

Graveyard. A Swedish import deserves one of Sweden’s finest rock n’ roll exports.

Want more?

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