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A mix of classic and more modern hops – from Citra to Citra Incognito, Mosaic to Sabro – is joined by the newest of the new, Cryopop™. The latest innovation form hop kings Yakima Chief, Cryopop™ is designed to withstand even the most rigorous brewing processes while retaining a huge tropical-fruit aroma at the forefront, with a hint of fresh-squeezed orange juice courtesy of El Dorado. That hardy Cryopop™ and Citra goes into the whirlpool, followed by a three-stage dry-hop process – including the experimental practice of hopping mid-fermentation to introduce bio-transformational flavour profiles from those hops – all in all, the equivalent of 38g/l . What results is the hallmarks of a textbook DDH DIPA – mouth-watering stone fruit, juicy mango and berries – with glimmering citrus and an uncharacteristically herbal top-notes.


ABV: 8.6%

SIZE: 440ml Can