In the Summer of 2012 inspired by the likes of The Kernel, Redemption, Buxton Brewery and Magic Rock we started brewing, on a 50 litre pilot kit, in Graham’s garden shed with the intention of starting our own brewery. At that time we had very little idea of what that would entail so we wanted to start small and build from there. We brewed a lot with mixed results, and through continual trial and occasional error we began to build a solid core of recipes.

As autumn 2012 approached we were still brewing in the shed at the back of a garden and realised that we’d better find somewhere to brew indoors. Luckily we found a small industrial unit in Stoke Newington, just up the road. By January 2013 we had sold our first beer and things started to take on momentum with interest growing locally.  We soon needed more space so we moved to Hackney Central in March 2013 and installed a 5 barrel brewhouse in summer of that year, the same year we were honoured to be named as one of Ratebeer’s 10 Best New Breweries in the World

In 2017 we realised a long standing plan to expand both our brewery and the Pressure Drop team. We’ve built a custom 20BBL facility in Tottenham, joining the likes of Beavertown, One Mile End and Redemption who all operate close by. We’ve opened a taproom where, for the first time, we have the space to serve the public direct. We’ve also added to our team with two full time staff members. We’re very much looking forward to this next phase of our brewery, thanks for sharing it with us! are a proud supplier and distributor of Welsh Craft Beer, Welsh Real Ale, Welsh Cider and Spirits, all available for order online, delivered right to your door.

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