Lines Brew Co.

“Making natural farmhouse beer lines, using Earth’s free or reduced energy. Our sole aim is to share flavours, reflected from global beer folklore to develop new innovation in to the ever-developing world of craft ale”

Beer Sommelier and craft drinks specialist Tom Newman started Lines brew co in 2016 to develop a series of beers with a sole focus on flavour development within specific categories incorporating a line structure (more details below).

All of the beers are produced from natural ingredients using alternative energy and fresh water from the borehole aquifer under our own brewery.
Each beer is bottle conditioned, unpasteurised and carefully aged depending on the beer style.

The Line System and Branding:
With a focus on energy and energy management, the brand shape is developed from the ancient trackway of the ley lines (or dragon lines colloquially) landscape.
We also use street artist Kef from Berlin as our live artist. His focus is on abstract lines. His artwork comes directly from his soul and is deeply inspired by Nature and Buddhist philosophy. This is greatly reflected in his creations which contain a free-flowing and non-repetitive technique used in the intricacy of abstract lines – just like in nature. Nourished by numerous travels, the artist also found inspiration in the authentic and simple things of life.

The six lines in the star system also form a natural system to develop and manage ancient and new beer lines…

The lines are as follows:
a) Myrcene Line – Hops (IPA/ Pale) – yellow
b) White Line – White beer (Wit/ Weiss) – white
c) Belgian Line – Of Belgian or French origin (saison, abbey, biere de garde) – red
d) Green Line – Varying age in wood foudres, Organic and / or locally harvested beers (sour, fruit beer) – green
e) Country Line – Traditional beers that are often synonymous with the country/ region of origin
f) Black Line – Dark beers (Imperial Stout/ Bourbon aged Stout) – black are a proud supplier and distributor of Welsh Craft Beer, Welsh Real Ale, Welsh Cider and Spirits, all available for order online, delivered right to your door.

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