The Harbour Brewing Co. was founded in February 2012.

We apply a progressive and innovative approach in both beer style and brewing technique, whist honoring traditional and proven methods. Using this approach we produce a range of full flavoured, balanced and creative beers.

We approach all our beer design in the same way, drawing on the vast gamete of styles and techniques used worldwide. We then use this as a foundation to build upon, but that doesn’t always mean straying too far from the original, more evolution than revolution. We have a humble approach to what we know, as it seems the more we learn, the more it becomes apparent how little we really know.

We strive to strike a balance between bold flavours and drinkability. Beer is, at the end of the day, something to drink and enjoy, not everything needs to be overly challenging or contemplative.

We decided to base our company in beautiful North Cornwall, mainly because we love the lifestyle that the area allows us, but also because of the purity of the spring water.

We love what we do, and we do what we love. are a proud supplier and distributor of Welsh Craft Beer, Welsh Real Ale, Welsh Cider and Spirits, all available for order online, delivered right to your door.

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