From the beginning it was clear that setting up a brewery for us had only one goal: according to our standards, produce the best beer! Our standards?

  1. The use of natural raw materials, without the addition of excipients or artificial agents.
  2. With respect for the ancient traditional methods, work without the need for new techniques. These techniques are only applied if they guarantee quality improvement and not to produce cheaper.
  3. The project should not stand or fall with commercial success. A long-term strategy was devised in which all revenues were invested back and where word-of-mouth advertising was the largest form of publicity. At the same time, a company has grown that has grown strongly but still maintains the same philosophy.

We choose to use only the best ingredients for beer in the most natural form, no additives or consumables are used during production.

The brewery works exclusively with local produce, hops from the Poperinge region and malt of Belgian malting plants.

Part of the energy is generated by a battery of solar water heaters on the brewery’s roof, so during the summer, almost all of the hot water and a large part of the brewing water are heated by these solar boilers. are a proud supplier and distributor of Welsh Craft Beer, Welsh Real Ale, Welsh Cider and Spirits, all available for order online, delivered right to your door.

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