Cwm Rhondda Ales


The Jones family have owned and run a farm in the heart of the Rhondda valleys for generations. For all that time they have been dedicated to producing the highest  quality local produce. Cwm Rhondda Ales represent the latest step in the family’s  journey. The intention has been to produce craft ales that are packed full of flavour  and whose origins are firmly rooted in the rugged, natural beauty of the environment in which they are brewed.

Standing at over 1500 feet, the mountains of the Jones family’s working farm is the  source of it’s very own natural spring water and when combined with locally produced malted barley and hops the brewery produces ales whose unique taste  and quality stands out in today’s overcrowded market of mass produced beers. are a proud supplier and distributor of Welsh Craft Beer, Welsh Real Ale, Welsh Cider and Spirits, all available for order online, delivered right to your door.

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