Wandering around Llandudno lays a ferocious, wild beast; untamed and cantering in the pastures of citrus, pine and caramel. I’m of course not talking about a Snowdonian stallion – but I might as well be. Welcome to the galloping taste of Wild Horse Brewing’s Palomino Pale Ale.

Established in 2015, Wild Horse Brewing Company is based in Llandudno, North Wales – an area essential to the process in which these unique brews are made. Proudly stating to never filter or pasteurise their beers, Wild Horse use the highest quality hops and malts. Although that isn’t everything; using water straight from Snowdonia, Wild Horse strives to use fresh, natural ingredients to make flavourful beer. And, what a beer it is!

From its golden coat to its creamy head, the Palomino Pale Ale is an exciting beer. Although looking beautiful is admirable, the beer smells fantastic too, seducing your nostrils with a complex, malty aroma. Well how does it taste you ask? This American style Pale Ale infuses citrus hops with subtle pine and caramel notes, leaving you with the long lasting taste of an orange grove smothered in toffee.

So if you want to come down to attempt to break this wild stallion, be my guest. We really would recommend this wonderful little beer, and have it featured as one to try this week at only £2.70 for a 330ml bottle. So if you’re interested in this – or any other Wild Horse beer we have grazing on our shelves – don’t hesitate to come down and have a chat.  See you soon!

Gareth Mitchell


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