A can of Loka Polly's Chinook Simcoe IPA

Beers of the week: Loka Polly

The North Wales brewery bring the hops in the form of an array of IPAs.
Collective Arts Brewing - Ransack The Universe

Beer of the week: Collective Arts Brewing

Punchy IPAs and eclectic can art – just a little taster from this Canadian addition to This Is Beer.
A can of Liquid Sex Robot by Lervig

Beers of the week: Lervig

Easing into a mammoth record reorganisation with some lovely little treats from Norway’s finest.

Siren Craft Brew – Half Mast, Full Sail

Fighting through the tempestuous seas of IPA comes a Vessel worthy of a Doubloon or two. Siren Craft Brewing’s Half Mast will have you walking the […]

Palomino Pale Ale – A Welsh Steed

Wandering around Llandudno lays a ferocious, wild beast; untamed and cantering in the pastures of citrus, pine and caramel. I’m of course not talking about a […]

The Week After the Grand Opening!

Today I popped down to the very recently launched craft beer and real ale retail outlet aptly named ‘This Is Beer’ which opened its doors on […]