The North Wales brewery bring the hops in the form of an array of IPAs.

Few names made a bigger splash in 2018 than Mold’s Loka Polly. Putting emphasis on freshness and hops, their beers have been a firm favourite since making their first appearance on the This Is Beer tap list, gaining a well-earned reputation for some tasty pales that more than hold their own against longer-established breweries.

Shinfo: being in Philadelphia last year meant sampling a few-or-thereabouts pints of Love City Brewing‘s flagship IPA. The highest compliment we could pay Philly’s pales was that they reminded us of home, more specifically Saturdays in the shop getting hit with American hops, courtesy of Loka Polly. Good times and good beer are the basis of good things.

This Is Beer had a drop of Loka Polly’s core pale ale/IPA range recently, with 4 x 440ml making up this week’s post. A bunch of higher-percentage IPAs with a hefty helping of American hops – definitely worth checking out, hopheads. Here goes.

Citra El Dorado Pale Ale – 5.1%

This hazy starter was the pick of the bunch for me. Blending tropical with floral and just the right hit of bitter, the wheat gives it a smoothness that makes it an absolute dream to drink. There’s not really much more I can write than: Get. Sip. Enjoy.

Loka Polly's Citra El Dorado

Loka Polly’s Citra El Dorado Pale Ale

Ekuanot El Dorado Pale Ale – 5.6%

Another haze, this time heavier. It’s certainly shaper than the first, but gives you a bit more bitterness that’ll please longer-drinkers. That same smoothness sticks around, making this a full duty sipper.

Loka Polly’s Ekuanot El Dorado Pale Ale

Chinook Simcoe IPA- 6.0%

Onto the IPAs and into the 6s. You’ve got a nice mix of fruit and earthiness going on that blends well in this golden IPA, making it surprisingly easy-going. The Simcoe lends a bitterness that sticks around welcomed, but overall it lacking something a little bit extra. Still good, though.

Loka Polly's Chinook Simcoe IPA

Loka Polly’s Chinook Simcoe IPA

Citra Simcoe IPA – 6.1%

A little lighter in taste than the Chinook Simcoe IPA, this gives a subtle tropical flavour that is, again, easy to enjoy. It’s the texture again that makes this beer stand out; Loka Polly have nailed that easy-drinking, smooth sailing vibe.

Loka Polly's Citra Simcoe IPA

Loka Polly’s Citra Simcoe IPA

Where to get them

As always, pop down This Is Beer. There’s a bunch of Loka Polly beers on the shelf that are well worth a sip.

Where was last week’s post?

Apologies. Blame the Grand Slam. (still feels good, right?)

Grand slammers on Six Nations Super Saturday



Words: Ryan Williams
Photos (beer): Hannah Durham
Photo (regulars): thanks, Rhian!

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