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Easing into a mammoth record reorganisation with some lovely little treats from Norway’s finest.

Has anyone ever gone full High Fidelity and organised a record collection autobiographically? No point. Anyway, with my collection bookended by Spice Girls and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, it’s probably best to stick to alphabetically and steer clear of questionable first albums…

A recent weekend found me knee-deep in cover sleeves as I tackled discs from every which genre. Perfect pairing with music? Beer, naturally.

I had 4 of Lervig’s 330ml cans to try out and man, did it get loud. With some of the strongest can art on the scene, Lervig doesn’t sit on the shelf for long before resonating with someone. Here’s what happened…

Passion Tang – Sour – 7%

It goes without saying: 7% Sundays shouldn’t be a thing. Dashed with passion fruit extract, this worked its way through the mouth to a crescendo, ending up in full sherbert face. It’s a sour thats easy-drinking nature belies its strength. Its condition gave a little fizz, but nothing that takes away from the flavour. A few sips in, the sharpness fades and gives way to summer vibes. A great sour.

A can of Passion Tang by Lervig

Passion Tang

Perler For Svin – IPA – 6.3%

Taking a cloudier turn, Perler is one that grows as you get through it. With flaked oats dropped in, it’s a slow-drinker, despite the fact that it’s another one that hides its stength. With a generous offering of Azacca, Mosaic and Simcoe, it’s another tropical sipper that, alongside Passion Tang, would sit well on a summer line-up.

A can of Perler For Svin by Lervig

Perler For Svin

Liquid Sex Robot – DIPA – 7.9%

Subtley-described by Lervig as “an orgasm in a can,” this double IPA is an intense, dry-hopped drink that is as smooth as it is strong. Oats and wheat bring it to almost-wit terrority, but the tropical punch brings it straight back to pale. A gratifying look into the future which brings things to a standstill.

A can of Liquid Sex Robot by Lervig

Liquid Sex Robot

Dark Orbit – Porter – 7%

There’s an awful lot going on in Dark Orbit. Coffee. Chocolate. Smokey, roasty goodness. A porter that holds its own. There isn’t much else to say other than its a decadent way to round these 4 off – a classy, satisfying can that gives you everything you want and more. The Kvelertak of beers.

A can of Dark Orbit by Lervig

Dark Orbit

Where to get them

In store. This Is Beer has these and a whole bunch of other Lervig beers on the shelves, including local favourite, Tasty Juice.


Words: Ryan Williams
Pictures: Hannah Durham

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